wedding venue 2Choosing a wedding venue is one of the major decisions you need to make as you plan your big day. The 2018 Real Weddings Study reported that booking a venue remains one of the costliest decisions couples make as they plan their nuptials. But aside from the budget, you might be wondering what else you need to search for in a wedding venue. Obviously, you must look for what gives you that special feeling. However, there are other factors that you have to consider, too. Before booking your wedding venue, be sure to ask the appropriate questions. Don’t forget to tour the property as well.

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Perfect Wedding Venue

A Roomy Fit

It may seem obvious but when it comes to what your wedding needs to have, this factor plays a crucial role. Be sure that the space or room is big enough to accommodate all of your guests. The area may look huge if it’s empty but wedding essentials including the chairs, tables, buffet bar, DJ setup or band, and the dance floor will fill the available space. You need to evaluate the size of the area. If possible, visit the venue when there’s another wedding being held. This will give you an idea how big it really is once everything’s been set up.

Eating, Drinking, and Partying Spaces

There must be certain places in the venue where your guests can eat and drink, dance, or mingle. If you are standing in the space, try to imagine where every activity will take place. In the case when a space is way too small for it to be divided into different sections, the wedding venue may end up feeling cramped. Should the space have a unique configuration, it may compromise the flow of the party.


Privacy differs depending on the wedding venue and how much the couple value it. If you are planning to have a daytime event in a public area like the beach, park, or botanical garden, you have to be ready for strangers to move past the party. They might smile, and wave or stop by to give you their well wishes. If you are fine with that, then you can go ahead and book your dream venue. If not then you should consider a more private area like The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro


Light is extremely important as it could sets the stage for the space and mood. In the event you are marrying during the day, be sure to check that the wedding venue has lots of windows. Nobody wants to spend at least five hours in a dark room. Should you wish to have an evening affair then be sure that the room is not to dim. It is even a good idea to be able to control the lighting for your big entrance, for your dinner, and for dancing. If you are planning to marry outdoors, then you can set up candles or other lighting if needed.

Your Preferred View

Always remember that your venue will serve as the backdrop to the event that is taking place, so you must carefully consider the view. What will your wedding guests see once they enter the room? Whether it is a stunning vista, a city skyline, or perhaps, it is always a good idea to choose a place with exceptional views. In case there is no view, look to the area’s décor or its architectural details. Fine Persian rugs, artwork on the walls, classic furniture in the corners, or stunning crystal chandeliers can be the room’s centerpiece and it will provide the wedding venue something special.

The Right Palette

Are you are thinking of a certain theme or a specific color palette for your wedding reception? Ensure that the existing, non-removable décor in the wedding venue won’t clash with your vision.

Enough Outlets

Always do a thorough inspection around the room for power outlets especially if you are looking at a place that doesn’t normally host weddings. Be sure that the DJ or band will get the power they need to make sure the party will continue. So check all of the electrical outlets in the reception area and provide enough extension cords that they could use safely.

Good Acoustics

You also need to make sure that the wedding venue is not too echoey. Check the sound quality of the room.

Enough Parking Space

Make sure that the wedding reception is close to a garage, parking lot or empty street where it is safe and legal to park. In case parking is an issue then search for other ways to get everybody to the party. Insufficient parking is not necessarily a deal breaker however, it could mean spending more money and time to come up with a viable transportation alternative.

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