wedding venueSo your special someone just asked you the big question as you shared a memorable and romantic moment on Christmas Eve, during Christmas Day, or perhaps during New Year’s Eve. Now that you’ve given your sweet “yes,” while enjoying the excitement of getting to spend the rest of your life together, there are some things you have to do next aside from choosing the perfect wedding venue. There’s no need to worry, these are not difficult processes, many of them are enjoyable and fun for both you and your husband or wife to be.

Call your relatives and parents.

In case your parents were not part of the marriage proposal, before heading over social media when you update your relationship status to engaged or prior to sending out a Tweet to all your followers, you need to call your close friends and family first, whether in person or over the phone, about the good news.

Make sure your engagement ring has been sized correctly and is insured.

Your fiancé may have guessed the size of your ring and in most cases, it may need some adjustments to make sure that it fits your finger correctly. Because you want to show off your engagement ring, you need to be sure that it has been appraised and insured by your fiancé.

Schedule a manicure session

Since everybody is checking out the fancy engagement ring you have on your finger, make sure that your hands look its best. Additionally, it could be fun to get both manicure and pedicure with your fiancé.

Enjoy this special time

You recently got engaged but that does not mean your heading off to the nearest chapel in Myrtle Beach next week. Enjoy the engagement period and the romantic feeling and anticipation of spending your future together. Do this before starting off your pre-wedding plans.

Enjoy dreaming about your wedding with your special someone

Both of you should spend time to sit down and share your wedding dreams, both girls and guys have them, although it is not necessary for both of you to have the same dream. You just need to have a good idea of what you both like while you take a huge step in your relationship.

Choose the season you wish you get married.

After consulting a wedding planner, and learning more about weddings held at various times of the year, just narrow down the one you and your fiancé think is the most exciting. For example, it would be exciting to have a wedding during wintertime holiday for you to celebrate your engagement. But you can also choose to have a destination wedding in a place with a warm sandy beach.

Choose a Wedding Venue 

You may have heard others suggest that you should select a date or budget first, but these may leave you feeling overwhelmed.  So start with selecting a wedding venue. Wedding Venues in Myrtle Beach fill up quickly. One of your first calls should be to The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro to check on availability. We have accommodations for both indoor and outdoor venues. Our wedding specialists can help you plan the perfect day. 

Work with an expert planner to deal with the finer details.

From getting the perfect wedding venue to booking the vendors like the photographer, wedding DJ, and caterers, your wedding planner will give you the support and guidance you need to make sure that you get the highest quality vendors in the industry.

Call The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro if you are looking for the best wedding venue for your big day.

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