french cuisineThe US fast-food sector has Mexican food and Asian cuisine. Plus, African and Middle Eastern cuisines are gaining traction as well. But there’s something missing.

The US restaurant market has almost all of the respected and varied global cuisines but it lacks something important. It doesn’t have French food, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

French cooking, which is commonly associated with fine dining, is popular across the globe. And even though there is a strong market for high end French restaurants, there is a discernible insufficiency of fast casual chains that focus on this refined continental cuisine.

Why French Restaurants?

There are a few explanations behind it. Today’s trend lean toward exotic and bright ethnic flavors of Asian and South American cuisine. The trend is driven by the ongoing quest of millennials to taste authentic and spicy foods. Generally, the flavors of all these cultures are prepared quickly and recognized right away.

Conversely, French food is something that is best consumed slowly. The tastes are luxuriant, rich, and mellow. It is cozied up to and consumed over time. For instance, duck confit and bouillabaisse are meals that need attention and time that can’t be correctly served and enjoyed in an ordinary fast casual setting, which is common in the U.S.

For people who are looking for a filling and quick bite, a burrito is a much better option than a hot plate of escargot. In a typical American dining, the grab-and-go is already considered as a norm.

French cuisine Myrtle Beach is also known for its surprises like Pan-Seared Duck Foie Gras and Coquilles St. Jacques Risotto, isn’t really as exotic as what most people believe. What many don’t know is that French food has always been intertwined with American Food. 

Therefore, French cuisine remains in the high end category in the U.S. today. After all, you can’t expect to find fast-casual foie gras that only costs as much as a large French fries.  

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