indoor wedding venue Choosing whether to go for an indoor wedding venue or an outdoor one can be difficult. If you imagine yourself tying the knot in a green backyard garden or perhaps in a lavish ballroom, you need to consider first, the benefits and drawbacks of each setting. Listed here are the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor celebrations, then decide which is right for your big day.

Indoor Wedding Venues

If you have always imagined having your wedding in your house of worship or perhaps the wedding reception at your favorite French restaurant, then this is a no-brainer. However, if you are not religious or never thought of becoming a ballroom bride, picking out an indoor wedding venue may not be a natural choice for you. But if you are considering an indoor wedding venue, however, till not sure if this is the right choice, check the major advantages and disadvantages listed below.

The Advantages:

With indoor wedding venues, you don’t have to worry about the weather which tends to be unpredictable in Myrtle Beach especially in the winter months. Rainy forecasts or undesirable temperatures cannot put a damper on your big day, and you can be sure that guests are comfortable all throughout the celebration.

Meanwhile, the decoration options are endless if you choose an indoor wedding venue in Myrtle Beach, provided that you follow the suggestions of the venue. Blank ceilings and walls could be the best backdrops where you can display your decorations. Or chose a venue that fits with the theme of the wedding. Plus you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing out your reception candles or knocking over the centerpieces.

Since all of your guests are confined in a single room, the celebration will feel intimate and cozy. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about external distractions such as car horns disrupting the reception toasts.

The Disadvantages:

Although in some instances you can change the venue’s décor, you cannot change the size of the area. Safety restrictions and space constraints will limit your guest count especially if you want to have a seated dinner. If you are worried about the logistics, you can always ask potential wedding venues about the room’s maximum capacity before you book. You can also go for a cocktail and horderves reception if you wish to conserve space.

Obviously, filling an empty indoor space with flowers and décor means spending additional money on your reception. Be sure to plan accordingly, so that you could design your dream wedding while sticking to the budget.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Outdoor Wedding Vemue Have you always imagined yourself dancing under the stars at your wedding? Or perhaps exchanging vows on the lawn of a turn of the century home with southern charm?  If yes, then you are most likely the kind of bride who should go for an outdoor wedding venue at a The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro.

The Advantages:

Natural landscapes create exquisite settings for wedding ceremonies and stunning photographs. Couples who go for outdoor wedding venues can save on design costs because the natural scenery provides the breathtaking visual interest without having to add too much décor.

It offers natural lights, which are perfect for wedding photos. Be sure to hire an expert photographer who is known for taking beautiful photos after the sun sets. An outdoor wedding venue gives kids a large space to run around, which will lessen their tantrums.

The Disadvantages:

Outdoor wedding venues are often unprotected and that means you need to rent  a tent to protect your guests from the natural elements. This could add additional costs unless the venue provides adequate covering like The Brentwood Restaurant. 

Bugs like mosquitos will crash your outdoor wedding event, which could be annoying not only for you but for you guests as well.  Make the needed preparations to make sure that guests are not bothered by these tiny pests.

The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro if you are looking for the perfect wedding venue for your big day – indoor or outdoor.

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