wedding venueWhere do you plan to tie the knot? Do you have a wedding venue in mind? You have a lot of options, from an intimate trip to a lavish destination to a conventional wedding in your hometown. Let’s not forget, you always have the option to elope! So, you need to make up your mind about where you want to get married before you begin the actual planning process. Before anything else, are you aware that the “where” has a significant impact in everything on your wedding plans? Let’s take a look at how far its influence spreads.

There’s a huge possibility that you as well as your S.O. have began talking about your wedding well before you got engaged. In case you have not, then don’t talk about anything else for the meantime. The very first thing you have to discuss is where you wish to tie the knot and you have two main options.

Wedding Venue Options

You can say your “I Dos” at a local wedding venue in one of your hometowns or perhaps the town where you both live now, or a destination wedding in another part of the world. Don’t forget that “destination wedding” does not just imply a few people on a stunning beach. It could mean 200 people traveling to your vacation destination or favorite city like Myrtle Beach. It’s anywhere that is not the place where you call your home. Making a decision as to where you want to have your wedding will lead to a ripple effect through all the other details for your big day.

The Guest List

The location that you choose, as well as the specific wedding venue North Myrtle Beach, will help determine how large you can go with your guest list. You need to ask the following questions – do you want to have a huge celebration or do you prefer a much smaller group? Do you want to choose a spot where it is less exotic so you could have the most people with you or does the option of locale mean everything to the kind of celebration that you plan to have?

The Design

A few wedding locations are much better candidates than others. Does it have enough lodging, a good florist or caterer, as well as a company that could offer the rentals that you will need? Or do you have to import items and become more creative to make it happen? Based on how you would like your wedding to feel and look, you may have to select a more conveniently located or popular location for you to have access to better amenities. Of course, in case you are all about authentic and intimate, then the world can be your oyster.

The Budget

Destination weddings are known as a cost saving method because they come with a smaller guest list, which means less number of people to feed and fewer tables to design and decorate. But, don’t forget to include the travel and lodging cost when you are making plans. Meanwhile, a local wedding could wind up being quite affordable, because fewer guests will be traveling. Given that, you don’t have to worry if you want to have an off season celebration because you don’t have to wonder if they can book a flight or not.

The Attire

You may have heard it before, but it is well worth repeating. You must not look for a wedding dress unless you have already chosen a venue. Although you can wear anything you want because you are the bride, there are fabrics and styles that are much more fitting for a specific setting than the others. For example, a huge satin ballgown is ideal for a grand hotel wedding venue rather than a beach.

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