wedding venueGenerally speaking, the majority of couples book their wedding venue about one year ahead of time, at the very least. But one would ask, is it really necessary to give that much early notice?

There are several personal factors that may affect how soon you would want to confirm your wedding venue booking. For instance, how popular the place is, the time of the year you want to get married, and the day of the week that you wish to get married on.

You will learn that many wedding venues have longer waiting lists during summer especially during weekends. In case you have your heart set on a certain venue but you don’t want to wait years for a vacant summer slot, then you should think about getting married on a weekday or during off peak season. Who knows? You may even enjoy a substantial discount.

Seasons You Can Choose To Marry In and How Far Ahead Should You Book The Wedding Venue


The new year is in bloom. With fresh and pretty flowers opening up their metals, spring has always been a popular time for weddings. So, you have to book ahead of time. Don’t forget about those dreadful April showers. You don’t want to fall in love with gorgeous grounds and gardens if you will just be marrying in a place that’s prone to really bad weather during spring.

Consider indoor wedding venues instead or at least at a place, like the Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro, where you’ve got the option to stay inside in case the weather turns. Although a seaside or beach wedding sounds idyllic, spring could also mean blustering winds. So, be sure to look for a place that could adopt to your requirements and offer you the outdoor space in case the weather becomes agreeable.


The most popular times of the year for to get married are June, July, and August. If you plan to tie the knot in any of these months, you may need to book furthest well ahead of time. This means book your wedding venue in Myrtle Beach at least one year in advance and in some cases, as early as two years before.

You should also give your guests plenty of notice too in case you plan to get married during the high summer. This will help make sure that your family and friends can make it to your big day.


Autumn is one of the most ideal and picturesque time to get married. During this season, you will find a wide range of wedding venues and suppliers. Prices also have a tendency to drop during this time of the year. Additionally, you have to give a lot less notice compared to the other seasons like at least nine months before your wedding day.


Apart from Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, winter could be an affordable, romantic, and whimsical time to marry. In the event your perfect venue is an excellent spot for wedding during this time of the year, then go for it. Be sure to book well ahead of time if you plan to get married anywhere near Christmas Day and New Year.

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