Crêpe Dinner Party
March 18, 19, & 21

(We will not be able to offer Crepe Menu on Friday 20 due to our very popular Fish Friday Special)
$35 per person

Not including tax & tips

Three Course Prix Fixe Menu

with a glass of Apple Cider from Normandy


Bonjour a tous,
Bienvenue to our Fourth edition of the Crêpe Dinner Party.

Here is a special menu directly from Brittany where I grew up.
Thank you for your support...

Chef Eric Masson


Appetizer - Select One

Galette aux Escargots
Escargots sautéed with shallots, flambéed with Cognac, finished in a garlic cream sauce,
served in a buckwheat crêpe.
Crêpe Normande
Sautéed seafood & mushrooms prepared in a lobster bisque,

served in a crêpe au froment.
Galette Forestière
Wild mushrooms blend sautéed with shallots, finished in a Port wine reduction demi,
served in a buckwheat crêpe.

Entree - Select One

Crêpe Florentine au Saumon
Fresh salmon filet poached in white wine, served in a crêpe au froment with sautéed
baby spinach and a lemon cream sauce.
Galette de Filet de Porc au Calvados
Medallions of pork tenderloin sautéed with caramelized apple, flamed with Calvados,
served in a buckwheat crêpe.
Boeuf à la Bretonne en Galette
Filet mignon tips, sautéed with onion, mushrooms & smoked ham, finished with Madeira,

served in a buckwheat crêpe.

Dessert -Select One

Crêpe Suzette
Crêpe caramelized with butter and sugar, flambéed with Grand Marnier and finished
in a delicate orange sauce.
Chocolate Raspberry Crêpe
Raspberry sorbet, warm chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis.

 Our regular menu is also available.
Crepe Dinner Menu is not available with discounts, cards, or coupons, Thanks,



Crêpes & Galettes

The Galette is a crêpe that is made out of Buckwheat flour. Some say the galette is man’s oldest food. The Galette originated in Brittany where it is called the “jalet”. The galette was originally baked to replace bread. They cooked it on hot flat stones. The Breton farmers grew buckwheat, which was very exciting for them because not much flourished in the harsh climate of Brittany. What made the Buckwheat crêpes even more delicious was the fact that they were not taxable. The reason: buckwheat flour could not be used to bake bread, therefore not taxable in France, a nice legal loophole. The galette had only three ingredients; flour, salt and water, very inexpensive to make.
In Brittany it was a tradition for a bride to make a galette and throw it in the cupboard of her new home. This was to protect her children and ensure domestic happiness.

As modern times approached, white flour was easier to find and much cheaper than buckwheat. The galettes made with buckwheat became a more expensive food, so they started using white flour, “froment” instead of buckwheat and the farmers stopped growing buckwheat. Now buckwheat is imported from Asia where it is very cheap to produce, however that is not reflected in today’s prices of buckwheat flour. Some farmers in Brittany have taken to the fields to grow buckwheat like their forefathers.

Crêpes au froment are what people are most familiar with. They are the thin white pancake that is a little sweet and stuffed with all sorts of culinary delights. Crêpes, like Galettes, are also very easy to make. They became first fast food in France. Still today, you will see crêpe stands everywhere. They are quick to make and taste absolutely delicious. One of the most famous and delicious crêpe desserts happened by mistake.

Here’s the story:

King Edward VII from England liked to spend his winter in the South of France. One winter he was courting a young French woman and invited her to dinner. During dinner the chef brought the crêpes to the table and the orange liquor spilled and caught on fire. Thinking on his feet, the chef folded the flaming crepes and served them to the King.
King Edward VII loved the crêpes and named the newly discovered dessert after his lady, Suzette, hence the name Crêpe Suzette.



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